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 Tooth Gems 

All tooth gems sold on this site are for Professional Use Only! Meaning you must be a trained tooth gem tech to place a tooth gem on your tooth. Tooth gems do not come with adhesives. Or directions on how to put them on.

Safety and Authenticity
We only offer the finest manufactured opal gems on the market! Our products are free of lead and other harmful products, are NOT made of dangerous plastics or acrylics, and are safe for oral use.

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Silica is an important element for opal. According to GIA, in order to be opal, a material must be silica in composition as major elements, possibly containing some water. Thus, the percentage of silica in composition determines man-made opal's quality and value.

Bello Opal®, opal material from KYOCERA Corporation - Forbes Top Regarded Company, has always been the mainstream gemstone in worldwide man-made opal market.

Bello Opal® (Lab-grown Opal) takes about a year to grow in laboratory and is similar in properties to natural opal. Bello Opal® contains high percentage of silica, at least 80%, and has the unique feature of vertical growth pattern. It is a beautiful gemstone with perfect colour vibrancy - revealing the beauty of precious opal. 

Lab-grown opal is also known as simulated opal, synthetic opal, created opal, cultured opal or lab-created opal. But these names could be misused by anyone. Thus, consumers may look for Bello Opal or Kyocera Opal as a product guaranteed for quality. 


Quality: Opal composed of at least 80% silica, great variety of over 78 opal colors ( Official code# OP01-OP78), 
exhibiting beautiful and vivid opal colors. 
Service: Stable and abundant supply plus high quality craftsmanship.
Safety: Assured with official Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

Opal tooth gems

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